Full Article Guidelines

The French Committee of Dams and Reservoirs has selected the theme “Sharing water: Multi-purpose of Reservoirs and Innovations” for the symposium organized the 15th of November 2021.

The themes are listed here

General Instructions

Until July 1st, authors were invited to submit abstracts on any of the given themes.
Authors were asked to insist on:

  • the innovative aspects (methods, tools, governance, etc.),
  • the assessment of the performance of the adopted solutions,
  • the problems encountered and how they were solved.

Abstract submission

The first step was to submit an abstract, in English or in French.
Once the abstracts were reviewed, all submitters received the results by July 15th, 2020 at latest.

Submitters of accepted abstracts must then submit a full article, following the guidelines hereunder.

Submitting dates [Updated 25 jan. 2021]

  • The deadline for submitting full articles is postponed to

    18 October, 2020

  • Full Article acceptance will be notified

    18 December, 2020 at latest

  • The deadline for submission of the final version of full articles is

    28 February, 2021

Submission method 

  • The full article submission must be done through the submission & registration platform:
    Please note that this submission requires that the main author uses the same account used for the abstract submission.
  • Authors will have access to their preliminary abstracts and will have access to a new module for the submission of the corresponding full articles. They will not have the possibility to submit new abstracts or articles unrelated to accepted abstracts.
  • Authors will be notified about the delivery of their full article by e-mail immediately. In case you will not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please check your spam folder and in case of no confirmation e-mail, please contact: abstracts-papers@cigb-icold2021.fr
  • All correspondence concerning the article will be sent to submitting author’s e-mail address.

Full article instructions 

  • 1. Prepare your full article using the official Symposium Marseille 2021 Full Article template you can download here.

    Your full paper shall have a maximum number of 13 pages if your submit your article in one language, and limited to 25 pages if you submit your article in both English and French, including the first page for titles, authors and affiliations, and abstracts.

    You can submit your article in English and/or French, providing that the first page of your article contains both abstracts in English and French. The French article version will have to follow the English version. 

    Your full article must follow several rules to ensure that the quality of the PDF is sufficient for publishing:

      • Read carefully the instructions in the template for formatting details.

      • ImagesThe quality of the digital images should have an original high-resolution, at least 150 dpi, for figures. 

      • Fonts: the main font in the template is Times (Times, Times Roman or Times New Roman), while titles are in Arial. The fonts used in your full article must be embed in the PDF when you create the PDF.
        Please use the pre-created Headings on the template for your full article.

      • Do not protect your PDF by security options.

      • Register your PDF under a suitable name: use the reference number of your abstract (24521.pdf for instance).

      • Check your final PDF document carefully to ensure that all fonts and special characters appear in the same style as originally intended. Please confirm the quality of your paper both on screen and on printed matter.

  • About the PDF file: Each article should be delivered only in *.pdf format, compiled from the template *.doc (Word) file using the option "embedded fonts" in pdf-file preparation. Pdf-files prepared from scanned documents cannot be accepted.

    All fonts have to be embedded in your PDF file even if it’s only available for an online version. We insist that the quality of the digital images should have an original high-resolution, at least 150 dpi for an online version.
    If you use Acrobat Distiller or Acrobat PDF virtual printer to create your PDF file, select one of the high print quality job options proposed by Adobe suitable for reliable viewing and printing of documents as Print quality, Press quality, High quality, etc. All options will be automatically suitable.

    Before starting, make sure that you have a PostScript printer installed. Microsoft Word users should select the correct file for their printer: A4 paper size (21x29.7 cm, European size). Copy the files which you will be using to a new directory and keep the original file as a backup.

  • 2. Download, fill and sign the mandatory "Publication Agreement" form, and upload it alongside your full article.

    When an Author submits an article, he/she is obliged to sign and return a Consent to Publish Form. While submitting an article for publication, the Author agrees to transfer the copyright of his article to the Publisher, and the Publisher has the right to publish the article.
    Please note that a permission form is needed for each article sent.

    Article without the relevant "Publishing Agreement" will not be forwarded to the referees for review.

  • 3. Log in to your submitter account on the submission platform and upload your Full Article and the Publishing Agreement.

    You will see your submission in a draft status. Click on the "Modify" button to access the contents: you can edit the titles, list of authors and upload the article and the publishing agreement.

    You will have until the deadline to replace the documents if needed.
    As soon as you confirm the submission, you will receive a confirmation by email.

    Once the deadline is reached you will not be able to make any modification to your article


Reviewing and results - Final version

Once all full articles are reviewed by the Scientific Experts, the submitters will receive the result of the reviewing. A full article can be:

  • accepted ;
  • accepted providing you make some modifications based on the reviewers comments ;
  • rejected.

Final versions of Full Articles must be uploaded before 18 October, 2020, midnight (UTC).


  • The abstracts of all accepted full articles will be published and printed by EDP Sciences in the Marseille 2021 CFBR Symposium Proceedings.
  • The accepted full articles will be published by EDP Sciences on the digital edition the Marseille 2021 CFBR Symposium Proceedings.



If you have any questions regarding abstract and article submissions, please contact


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